365 Days Commuting By Bike: Mini Series

snowI once saw an info-graph that depicted bike commuting in terms of the seasons and your physical state of being during those seasons; only allowing just a sliver of “brief delusional joy” which fell in what the designer must have imagined was a ridiculously short period of Spring and Fall; however I feel the need to mention that some years in Wisconsin we don’t actually experience either of these seasons… at all.

49fcfdc4684ba5dd8f3463bcf0fd338dNow in all honesty there is a lot of truth to this info-graph and as the real season wheel begins to turn toward a brief Fall interlude I find myself sweating thinking about the upcoming Winter months. “Absurdly Freezing” the graph says. Again I wonder if they have ever biked in a Wisconsin Winter, but the point is clear biking in the cold is going to take some adjustments.

I started my daily commute to work last March as soon as I determined that the bitterness of the cold was almost completely over and the roads were clear enough of snow.  This year, however, I no longer have a carpool to easily get me through the “Absurdly Freezing” period of Winter. That combined with my love of a challenge has led me to delve into the idea of not only stretching out my commute as long as possible, but actually tying it to the start. In other words I plan on biking straight through the absurd Winter!

The good news is I will be taking you, SchwinnRed readers, along for the ride.

This Thursday I will be talking about clothing transition from Summer to Fall and about little subtle changes that you may run into with the slight seasonal differences.

Future article will discuss, choosing a Winter bicycle, prepping your bike for Winter, dressing for Winter, and posts about my experiences that will inevitably occur.

If you have any ideas about topics you would like me to cover I would love to hear them! Please feel free to comment below with your suggestions or email me at socialschwinn@pacific-cycle.com.

Now get out and ride while we are still in the tiny window of “brief delusional joy.”

-Samantha C.