You are Here: Introducing the Schwinn CycleNav

You may have heard about the Schwinn CycleNav by now; perhaps from the abundant reviews out of the CES show or perhaps just yesterday from Ride Schwinn on Facebook’s latest giveaway.

But what is the new Schwinn CycleNav exactly?


CycleNav Smart Bike Navigation

Smart phones have become a consistent part of our lives and while our phones are offering us more new, exciting, and helpful tools every day, they also can pose a danger when paired with mobility. The dangers of using your phone while driving have become a bit of a no brainier, and often in the car the potential danger can be solved with a mounted GPS or Bluetooth headset. Now I am not saying that everyone is as bad as I am, who finds walking while on my phone to be a potentially hazardous event (I may have ran into a pole once or twice), but I do think that trying to pay attention to your bike, the road, your cellphone’s directions, and steering with only one hand on the handlebars may be a bit dangerous.

The CycleNav much like the GPS you have been using in your car takes your hands of the phone and puts them back on the handlebars. The device can be easily mounted to your handlebars and is connected to your phone via Bluetooth, which means you can store your phone in a safe place while you ride. An app which can be downloaded on both the App Store and Google Play not only provides directions, but also lets you track and store your distance traveled, time, speed, and calories burned. Then when your journey is done you have the opportunity to share your stats with friends or the community of app users.

Headlight Capabilities

Headlight Capabilities

The CycleNav also solves the problem that can occur with hearing the turn by turn directions that are spoken in Navigation apps. With the noise of the road and other distractions the audio is not always clear. The CycleNav has built in speakers to amplify the audio directions while lights indicate whether to go straight, turn left, or turn right, and if you didn’t hear it the first time, a central button makes the device repeat the last direction given. Conveniently the device also doubles as a bike headlight for added night time safety and with ten hours of battery-life before you have to recharge to ride on, you may just need it.

The device will be available in Walmart stores March 14th, 2014, for $59.99

Can’t wait for March 14th? Head over to Facebook and enter to win a CycleNav now!


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Get out and Ride!