A Taste of Fall Biking

Today marks the first day of fall and for many one last hurrah for their biking season. After a summer of biking you may have found that biking has lost a bit of its luster and that your old go to routes may seem to be well… rutted, well worn, and boring. This can be especially true if you ride your bike every day to commute to work or school, but I promise, it is amazing what a change of scenery can do to help make your last few weeks of biking just as fun as those first few in Spring.

Orchard2The following are a few of my suggestions to shake up your fall riding, get excited about the season once again, and enjoy some time with family and friends!

Schwinn5Orchards: Apple picking is one of the iconic activities of fall and a great opportunity to try some local fruits and baked items. Often times these orchards are located at the edges of towns, but are still close enough to bike to; a quick google map search will help you determine if you can make a safe route to an orchard by your bicycle.

Whether you bike there just for the view and a fresh slice of apple pie with your family or friends or put a basket on your bike and pick a few apples to bring home for later biking to an orchard can be a fun and healthy activity for those cool fall weekends.

Pumpkin Patch: Not into apples? How about pumpkins? Like an apple orchard pumpkin patches are a great way to support your local community, have fun with friends and family and get in a little exercise too!

Be warned pumpkins are heavy and the ride home might take a bit longer to accommodate that added gourd.

Brewery Tour: Another fun fall activity is to head over to a local brewery for a tour. Many breweries offer a flat rate for both the tour and samples or even a pint, like Ale Asylum in Madison who encourages tourist to have a full glass in order to better enjoy the tour.

Farmers Markets: Fall produce can be some of the tastiest items around.  With seasonal squash, carrots, green beans and many more there will be plenty to look at and many new items to try out. If you aren’t into cooking Farmers Markets often have baking companies who will happily provide you a yummy morning breakfast while you have a look around.

mom and samSponsored Rides: Most of the items in this list have been primarily about food and while I would lean toward a sponsored ride that also was about food, you can also just concentrate on the bicycle riding for this one!

Simply visiting a city’s event page or googling bicycle tours in a specific area will help you begin to locate when and where these events take place. You should also keep an eye out at local establishments for unique community rides!

Remember to bring:

A bike lock: If you want to stop in the shop or continue on foot it is a good idea to have a lock to keep your bike protected while you are out of sight.

A basket: If you want to bring home apples, beer, and produce or if you happen to find some other tasty treat to take home on your fall adventure, a basket will help make sure that your items don’t get squished like they could in a backpack.

Tell us about your Fall Bike Adventures in the comments below or share a picture or two!

And as always…

Get out and Ride!

-Samantha C

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