Earth to Echo: A Lesson in Friendship

Discovery. Adventure. Friendship.

10373849_321818194640461_5171572369054710151_nThese are just some of the tag lines that perfectly describe the new Earth to Echo movie about three inseparable friends whose lives undergo an incredible change.

Now being a twenty-three year old woman I have to admit I was not expecting to be entertained when I first sat down to a prescreening of Earth to Echo, but I dragged my friend Ben with me, popped some popcorn and decided to embrace my inner child.

…and were we surprised. Not only were we, two postgraduates, entertained; we were thoroughly engaged. We didn’t multitask, talk, or check our phones we were just watching. We were a part of the story.

Earth to Echo castEarth to Echo follows the story of Tuck, Munch, and Alex who are a trio of best friends that are being forced to move because a highway is being built through their community. Each boy has their own quirks which makes them both misfits and highly relatable to all kids (after all who didn’t grow up thinking they were a bit different?).  Yet, just as they are beginning to pack up and move away from each other something strange begins to happen to their cellphones. What occurs next is an adventure of a lifetime shot in first person point of view via GoPros, YouTube, smartphones, and even text messaging which is right up Gen Y’s alley and may have played a role in us putting our own phones down for a bit. Furthermore, the characters travel independently just like most kids (and some adults like me) do, by bike! What better way to show case the freedom and chance for adventure that both technologies offer kids.

Anyways, Ben and I are were thoroughly engrossed in the movie and reflected about it afterwards; we related to some of our own experiences, reflected on what we were like at that age, and also decided that we were due for a real spontaneous and crazy adventure too!S14_EarthToEcho_FBPost-1v2

We can’t all discover aliens though.

Which is why I am excited to announce Schwinn’s latest contest; “Explore Your World”! Here at Schwinn we partnered up with Earth to Echo, Delta Vacations, AND Kennedy Space Center Visitor’s Complex in order to bring a chance for one lucky winner to go on an adventure that almost rivals Tuck, Munch and Alex’s.

On July 14th one lucky winner will receive a trip for them and three friends to Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, travel courtesy of Delta Vacations AND a bike for them and three friends that they get to choose from the Schwinn Shop Now site AND four Schwinn Blutunes Speakers so that they can stay technologically ahead and play their Earth to Echo playlist on the go!

Unfortunately for us, Ben and I may not have an adventure that good anytime soon, but I think that everyone can learn a valuable lesson from the movie and characters in Earth to Echo. We discovered that same lesson just a few weeks later with a group of friends on an epic canoe trip down the Wisconsin River. It is also the lesson we learned last year when we had Christmas in July (see photo below). This lesson being that friendship is the greatest adventure of all!Christmas in July

Enter to win the Schwinn Explore Your World Sweepstakes here.

Get Out and Ride!

– Samantha

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