National Bike to School Day, 2014

Many people are aware of May Bike Month and Bike to Work Day, but you may be less familiar with National Bike to School Day, which happens a week earlier.

Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C.

National Bike to School Day, which is coordinated each year by the National Center for Safe Routes to School, provides an opportunity for schools, communities, children, and parents to test out the idea of kids riding their bikes to school. It is a great way for everyone to experience the benefits that bicycling can bring while also providing an excellent opportunity to encourage bicycle safety.

This year Schwinn under our non-profit initiative, Helmets on Heads, was able to act both locally and nationally to help support National Bike to School Day.

Final Waunakee

Students at Waunakee

Locally, my colleague Steve and I attended the Bike to School event held at Waunakee Intermediate School. We came armed with stickers, a giant banner for the students to sign, and helmet education in order to spread the word about helmet safety. Over 200 students biked to school that day, and I am pretty sure they nearly ran out of places to put all those bikes. The PE teacher, Jason, said the kids could hardly contain their joy and that “the buzz all day was about how cool it was”. We had a lot of fun too! Too see all the pictures from the Waunakee event head over to the Helmets on Heads website: here.

Nationally, Helmets on Heads went straight to Capitol Hill, in Washington D.C. with the National Center for Safe Routes to School. Here, Safe Routes celebrated with a sendoff of more than 200 students from a dozen Washington, D.C. schools. At the event students were able to come together to celebrate biking by getting fitted for helmets, signing the Helmets on Heads pledge, collecting stickers, and biking together to school in organized bike trains.


Victor Mendez, Acting Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Department of Transportation

“The number of communities and families coming together to promote safe bicycling to school is inspiring,” said Lauren Marchetti, Director of the National Center for Safe Routes to School, which coordinates National Bike to School Day. “We are thrilled to see the support and excitement for this event continuing to grow.”

More than 2,100 schools have registered so far to host a Bike to School Day event this year, already surpassing last year’s event numbers by over 400.

But we didn’t stop there!


Lilly at Toys R Us

Schwinn wanted every kid to have the chance to be part of something bigger, so we partnered with Toys “R” Us and created an awareness in-store event. A Helmets on Heads pledge banner was the center piece. A total of 596 participating Toys “R” Us stores across the US invited kids to sign the pledge to wear their helmets every time they ride.

Schwinn offers bikes for the whole family at Toys “R” Us and realizes how essential it is to educate all riders on the importance of biking safely, and the importance of wearing a helmet each and every time they get on a bike. These pledge banners were the same ones that were brought to D.C. and Waunakee; they really helped kids see and feel like they were a part of larger cause which their peers also support!

Have you signed the pledge yet? Help us reach our goal of reaching 15,000 pledges by signing online at

Get Out and Ride! (but wear your helmet!)


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