Go Hug a Tree: Earth Day 2014

Hug a Tree

Happy Earth Day!

This past week the website NerdWallet decided to examine 95 U.S. cities and rank them in order of how “green” they were based on environmental quality and transportation. Madison, WI, also the site of Schwinn’s Headquarters, pulled off the #1 position, and with more bikes than cars in the city, it is easy to see why!

green 3I personally own two bikes, do not have a car, and find Madison to be perfectly accessible. With over 200 miles of well labeled trails there are very few places you cannot reach by bike, and the getting there part is often just as beautiful as it is convenient. Madison has a large number of parks, lakes, and foliage that simply makes any trail or bike path uniquely lovely. One day you can be looping around Lake Monona and the next day you can ride through the shaded tree lined path of the Arboretum. Interconnected trails often mean that if you have the stamina you could even do both without ever leaving a designated bike path or trail.

The community in Madison is dedicated to continue to make there green city a continuing theme.  The City of Madison is constantly adding to and creating new trails and correcting and improving problems with existing infrastructure. The city is also working on finding ways in order to further bicycle safety and education for the community members. Many advocacy programs in the city, including the Schwinn initiative, Helmets on Heads dedicates time, helmets, bicycles, and other resources to further this cause and improve the biking experience for all local cyclist.

One thing is for sure, in Madison, WI, many people will be celebrating this Earth Day in true Sconnie fashion, with a bike ride.

For a list of scenic bicycle and hiking trail in the Madison Area; check out: http://www.visitmadison.com/things-to-do/sports/biking-hiking/

Get out and Ride,


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