Announcing: Schwinn’s Love in Tandem Winner

Jennifer Beth has won the Schwinn Love in Tandem contest this year with the help of her friend Ryan, by showing us that a shark costume can be even more fierce if worn by two people.  As one of our Facebook Followers says, “Anyone willing to be trapped in a costume like that for any period of time deserves a tandem.”

Jennifer and Ryan

Jennifer and Ryan

We were not quite sure what to expect when we asked our followers to submit pictures of themselves and a loved one doing something in tandem to prove to us that they deserved a Schwinn Tango Tandem bike. Other than asking people to keep it clean the possibilities were endless. We received all sorts of pictures; some entrants showed pictures of their families, some of their pets, others of their significant other, but what they all showed us was that there are many definitions to love.

This video is meant to honor all the love that was shared with us this February and remind us all what love is.

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