It’s As Easy As Riding a Bike: New Year! New Blog!

It’s as easy as riding a bike.

Man with a Penny Farthing

Man with a Penny Farthing

Well, in the eighteen hundreds that wasn’t so true. A cyclist in the nineteenth century had to climb atop a lofty, unstable, mobile structure, while carefully maintaining balance atop a giant thin wheel. It was no wonder that when these bicycles, now known as Penny-Farthings, originated in 1871 that very few people dared to master that feat. Plus it was impractical and expensive if your goal was quick mobility or just a bit of exercise.

Yet sheer innovation, skill, and motivation drove inventors to reimagine the Penny-Farthing in order to make what we now know to be the modern bicycle. Ignaz Schwinn and Adolph Frederick William Arnold first set up their company in Chicago in 1895 and quickly created bicycles that were accessible for everyone. Since then individuals and families alike have grown up knowing the bicycle to be a common part of life. Learning to ride a bike has become a staple in many childrens’ memories of growing up. It evokes that first sense of freedom and independence that comes with finally being able to leave the childhood yard and cruise the neighborhood with your own two wheels.

For me finally learning to ride my first bike meant that I could spend hours riding up and down the drive way singing Disney songs, and trying out new tricks with my friends. For others it meant even more. Still the time spent on a bike is more than memories of the past; it is a crisp sense of the now and a time to envision the goals of the future.

In the year of 2014, Schwinn is celebrating the passion and lifestyle that has always surrounded the bicycle. Along with our new Instagram and Pinterest accounts, this blog, SchwinnRed will actively explore the joy of the bicycle by celebrating the recreational rider, offering tips and tricks for the everyday cyclist and families, as well as promoting fitness and a casual outdoor lifestyle. It will also reveal real stories from both the past as well as today, while sharing new things that are to come both for Schwinn and cyclists in 2014 and beyond.Schwinn red bikes

The bicycle will continue to remain ever important in our lives. It is an intrinsic part of each stage of our life; from the moment a parent lets go of the handle bars and we take our first strides of independence, to the time that we laugh and say, “It’s as easy as riding a bike.”

Get out and ride!


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